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... is a soprano whose work compasses an impressive combination of opera, contemporary music, writing, education and conducting.  Her varied background  has included theatre, shows, radio and comedy. Consequently she is quite difficult to pigeonhole ...


Christmas carols once more

Adey's carol of 2015, written with composer Marc Folan and shortlisted for Iris Theatre's X-mas Factor that year, has been requested in performance once more by the school for whom it was written, St Matthias, Bacon Street. It will feature in thwir school Nativity play performance on December 14. After the enormous success of Adey's collaboration with Mike Henry on the school's 'values' song, St Matthias has also requested new words with a Christmas theme to the piece that has become a pupil favourite. These songs will also be part of the Dec 14 performance.

And There Was No More Sea

Adey and composing partner, Mike Henry, have got together once more to continue their creative exploration of death and grieving. Currently the work is a song-cycle of five songs to be used as a springboard to crafting a surrounding narrative. The final movement was premiered at the Stoke Newington Opera Cabaret in November and plans are afoot to perform the completed song cyle in 2017. Watch this space.