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... is a soprano whose work compasses an impressive combination of opera, contemporary music, writing, education and conducting.  Her varied background  has included theatre, shows, radio and comedy. Consequently she is quite difficult to pigeonhole ...



Adey can currently be heard as one of the vocalists in Stefan Gregory's incidental music for the Young Vic's new production of Yerma. Billie Piper's blistering performance has won several five-star reviews.

Assisted Suicide - The Musical

Adey has recently been working  with Liz Carr in the development of her controversial show Assisted Suicide - The Musical

Big Big Sing again!

Adey is delighted to have been chosen as one of Big Big Sing's Choir Doctors. Her teaching session with the Cairn Chorus concentrated on singing as a team and the video is posted on Big Big Sing's website as a resource for choirs across the country.