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Adey is a much sought after animateur and workshop leader for a wide variety of client groups. Techniques she implements are based around balancing left and right brain function for performance, supporting a natural singing technique with good breathing and dramatic intent and her belief that laughter is one of the best warm-ups it is possible to do.

Her work has included projects under the auspices of all of the major opera companies in the UK as well as such highly regarded international groups as the BBC Symphony Orchestra, the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra, the Brodsky String Quartet, The Shout, and the Scottish Chamber Orchestra. She has also developed projects for organisations such as Artangel, the Whitworth Art Gallery, Glasgow City Council and Aldeburgh Music. She is one of Big Big Sing's choir doctors and a Mentor and choral consultant for Music For Youth.

Many workshops have included her working in different capacities – as a singer, a writer and a choral trainer, often in the same project. She has found herself:

  • riding a motorbike around with 200 children in a community opera
  • devising wheelchair choreography
  • performing with children and their drips in terminal cancer wards
  • teaching plainsong to a church congregation
  • shadow dancing with blind people
  • devising mouth-percussion parts for a young people's summer school performance
  • singing from a photographer’s rooftop
  • jumping up and down a staircase in rhythm with an adult beginners’ class
  • teaching The Little Green Frog Song to 120 four-year-olds
  • teaching The Little Green Frog Song to 50 vicars
  • teaching The Little Green Frog Song to 20 lifers in prison
  • and writing a song about a farting elephant with an audience of 4-8 year-olds.

She is unnervingly open to suggestions.